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About HealthHub

HealthHub is a community portal designed to promote the sharing and collaboration of information, resources, tools, and knowledge related to current challenges facing healthcare providers, stakeholders, and consumers. Using a submit content feature and the use of forums, HealthHub provides multiple means for the healthcare quality improvement community to contribute to each other’s quality improvement work.

Resource Center

HealthHub is a secured repository for documentation, tools, and resources related to healthcare quality improvement. The Resource Center assists providers, stakeholders, state-based community leaders, and healthcare consumers by making available information and resources related to community-based quality improvement initiatives.
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Learning and Action Network Communities

HealthHub offers opportunities for organized quality improvement communities that are based around different clinical and operational interests, such as Patient Safety, including Healthcare-Associated Infections, Healthcare-Acquired Conditions, and Adverse Drug Events; Care Transitions; Cardiac Care; Health Information Technology; Quality Reporting; and Preventative Care. Community members have password-protected access to community-specific files, forums, calendars, listservs, and other tools and features.

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